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10 Very Effective Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

We all know the importance Twitter Followers of Social Media in Blogging Success! Social Media is as important as SEO for any Blog’s future and its chances to stand out in the Blogosphere!
It’s the Online Presence & ‘Quantity and Quality’ of the Audience you have in the Social World which makes your blog bigger. For your Blog to get VIRAL on Facebook, Twitter, you have to get a number of a genuine audience already following you!
10 Amazing Ways To getting More Twitter Followers Twitter is one thing which has proved itself, a great way to get your content noticed and reach out to a vast audience. To get your Content noticed by a large number of People, You will no doubt need a LARGE number of Followers to your Twitter Business account. Well, getting them isn’t really a tough task.
There are some simple but proven ways to get more twitter followers! Here I am with the best ones! Take a look. 1. Follow More, Get More! It’s the simplest way to get more twitter followers. Follow more a…

SEMRUSH Review: Best SEO Tool to Replace Online Rivals

Before sharing this SEMrush review I want to ask some questions from Internet marketers?

Who doesn’t want to get first-page ranking on Google?

Who doesn’t want their content to replace their competitors?

I don’t know any IM who don’t have these intentions, Do you know any? You won’t find anyone.

Do you want to know the most important tricks to build backlinks? Do you want to increase your organic traffic?

If yes, then your search stops now.

Do you know ranking is the combination of many factors?
Good and useful ContentOn page SEO & Off page SEOLink buildingPromotion So now we know creating a good content is great but not enough to rank on the first page. Until people do not find your content on search result how could they know you created some compelling content.

In simple words, you need more search traffic to sell more product. So instead of referral traffic people should focus on organic traffic because needy people comes through a search engine.

Wait! It is not very easy to g…

Make people stay 100% extra on your website: Complete Guide

Do you know? you have only a few seconds to impress visitor’s eye to scroll down your website. More the visitors is satisfied he stay longer on your website. Keeping the visitor engaged with your website is not a minor factor as you think. Google on its algorithm update has stated that the User Experience Signals such as Average Time on Site and Bounce Rate are a ranking signal now.

Are you ready to learn some stunning techniques to glue visitors on your website?

USE BUCKET BRIGADES (SECRET WORDS) TO INTERACT WITH VISITORS MIND Bucket Brigades are phrases that intend to keep people on your page. Specifically, they make the visitor what to keep reading. Here are some of them: What’s the real story?But wait there’s more,No doubt about itNo wonderFair enough? Whenever you think that you have gone so much technically with your blog, use a bucket brigade to open a gap of information to the visitor into the real world. KNOW WHO YOUR BLOG READERS ARE Are you writing your blogs for every human i…

The Ultimate 6 Tips to Writing SEO Friendly Content

I am sure I, you and all my blogger friends put a lot of efforts in writing unique articles. But with passing time traffic for that particular article gets lessen. One of the great tricks to get traffic for your oldest posts is to make them search engine friendly. The search engine can only help you to increase the lost traffic for an older post.

Here I want to share some excellent tips for Writing SEO-Friendly Content that give you better ranking in a search engine.
Currently, I am running two blogs Acadmic Support and The Lyricspoint and put a lot of efforts to keep them updated with quality and fresh content. However, as I started this blogging career recently and doesn’t have much experience, so sometimes quality drops due to my lack of knowledge.
For a search engine, each blog post is a web page. You should always optimize your post with certain SEO guidelines to get better search engine ranking. I suggest you to install Yoast SEO plugin to follow SEO guidelines without missing …

12 top reasons I love create a blog (And you should,Too!)

As we grow older and come up from childhood, we start searching for getting name, fame and money. And each one of us employ distinct path for getting all those. Some of them achieve quicker and rest struggle for a long time.
I am not that much old like others but only 22 years and over this course of my life, I had different hobbies: surfing internet, video games, cricket, bike racing, just to name a few. But none of them have given me such fame and satisfied me as blogging. I suggest you also create a blog. It has changed my way of living with less pressure, now I not worried about getting job as am going to complete my Bachelor in Technology.
In fact, now it has become my hobby I regularly recommend to others. I started my first blog with BlogSpot i.e. and was getting over 1000 page views per day within one month and then after thought to start this personal blog to get more control on my blog operations. Why I love create a blog (Personal) My first blog www.…

How to Improve Readability for Your Blog & Website Content

Readability of the blogs and website becomes the prime concern in almost all online writing works we take into account. What is the use of a content that doesn’t appear reasonable and fails to attract the target audience? Well! For that purpose, one needs to work on improving the readability concerns of your blog or website content.

SEO operations, protocols and the right content drafting technique in total works in favour of creating the right content that appeals to the audience and they get attracted to your content draft.

Every passing minute, there is content being created around the world. What makes them different is the way it is drafted and connected with the SEO technicalities for the highest operative results and visibility.

Let’s have a look at the few tips and tricks along with the SEO measures to keep in mind while drafting and creating content for improving readability for your blog and website content.

1. Follow the right set of SEO Protocols SEO protocols are the mos…