Various Methods To Make Money From Blogs

It would be now safe to proclaim that the blogging revolution is something to be permanent in nature. It is an important part and parcel of the Web 2.0 platforms. As I see it, blogging is already out of the short-lived phenomenon phase and is becoming to be the preferred publishing platform for ordinary guys like you and me to enter the world of internet content publishing. We could become content producers on our own.
According to some available statistics, people involved in blogging have consistently risen through the years. From just around thousands in 2004, there are now millions of blogs today. When we consider its amazing growth, there are various factors that contributed to this massive growth. Personally, I am quite honest about it. I could say that the rise of blogs is credited to a single big and attractive factor. I am talking about the ability to make some money out of blogs or monetization.
Of course, the mere prospect of making some money from blogs is definitely a very attention getting proposition most especially for newcomers to go for blogging. Here, let us examine the ways to monetize a blog. I am listing here some ways though these are not exclusive because sooner or later we could come up with more ways for making money out of blogs.
Method 1: Serving advertisements. Pasting ads on the blog is still considered to be the most widely used way of making money from blogs. Yes, not all bloggers are actually making big money out of this though almost all blogs are having ads one way or another. As we know it, the most fashionable way of serving ads is using the King Google’s Adsense. Other examples are Chitika’s eMiniMalls, Adgenta, Infolinks, Adbrite, AVN, etc.
Method 2: Selling others’ products or Affiliate Marketing. To earn more money, bloggers are now getting to be good affiliate marketers and are taking advantage of the popularity of their blogs to earn money from marketing other people’s products. For instance, you can be an affiliate of Clickbank, Linkshare, Amazon, etc. In addition to these immensely popular sites, there are now thousands in the internet who are looking for affiliates to sell their products. Just remember though that it pays more to promote products you are passionate about and are fit to your type of audience.
Method 3: Selling own products services. Bloggers can also make bigger money by selling different types of stuff or services on their own such as e-books, guides, reports or some courses or teleseminars, etc.
Method 4: Writing articles for others and SEO jobs. You can easily find other bloggers who need someone to frequently write and post new material on their blogs. If you still have time to do the task then you can make money by writing for them. Now if you have the suitable working knowledge on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) then you can make good amount of money by providing this very crucial service for other bloggers and sites.
Method 5: Accepting sponsorship on your posts. There are some bloggers who actually snubbing the idea of sponsorship yet I believe that this is a very good way of creating money. For sure, it will never get you rich fast but for sure it can positively impact your pockets. Sponsorship is now a common way of making money out of blogs because both the bloggers and the advertisers realized that blogs are very valuable way to market their products and services.
Method 6: Consultancy services. A lot of experts created their own blogs to promote their own services as well as to offer their clients easy access. But there is a funny trend these days where bloggers with completely no background in consultancy are enjoying good income by charging their visitors/clients fees for their consulting business. This is done by the kind of reputation bloggers created thru their successful blogs. Blogs have a certain potential power to make someone an expert on a certain niches almost instantly. You can be an expert in a certain field and enjoy an out-of-nowhere kind of celebrity and make your way to riches beyond your wildest imagination.
Method 7: Accepting donations from kind readers or supporters. There are a lot of blogs who are open to accepting donations from the readers in any amount. I think that the best technique is to suggest anything of value like free e-books and then lure your readers to give some money in return.
Let us all go into and become a part of the blogging revolution and make our way to that financial freedom we all want to have!

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