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Acadmic Support is a blogging website started in 2020. We are providing you the best and correct knowledge of blogging in English with our experience in blogging.

Our vision:- 
  • We want to be the No.1 Blogging Community .  
  •  To become the first choice of all new bloggers.  

Our mission:- 
  • To provide correct information to our readers.   
  • To give our reader latest update on time. 

Why would you choose, while there are thousands of websites available? 

Because We provide you the latest and unique tips and tricks to help you in blogging. We daily update new articles to our website. 

Thank You❤️
-Pravesh Kumar

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What blogging means do you really know?

What blogging means? What is a blog ? and why people blog ? what blogger means?
Do you really know what Blogging Means?
If you are a blogger, then of course the answer must come “yes”. If you want to become blogger, dear this article is for you only.
If you don’t know, here I am to define what is blogging?
Now I’m coming to the topic.

What is Blog and Blogging means? It is a place over internet where you can express your interest, knowledge and opinion freely and no body is their to bound you under certain limitation. In fact  supporters are always present. In a blog you can write post about a topic, news or an event.
And blog is complemented by action of publishing content on it which is called Blogging. Posting comments on a different blog can also be termed as blogging.
Blogging is the platform where you interact with more and more people world wide. As internet covers all countries, so by blogging you (blogger) c…

The Ultimate 6 Tips to Writing SEO Friendly Content

I am sure I, you and all my blogger friends put a lot of efforts in writing unique articles. But with passing time traffic for that particular article gets lessen. One of the great tricks to get traffic for your oldest posts is to make them search engine friendly. The search engine can only help you to increase the lost traffic for an older post.

Here I want to share some excellent tips for Writing SEO-Friendly Content that give you better ranking in a search engine.
Currently, I am running two blogs Acadmic Support and The Lyricspoint and put a lot of efforts to keep them updated with quality and fresh content. However, as I started this blogging career recently and doesn’t have much experience, so sometimes quality drops due to my lack of knowledge.
For a search engine, each blog post is a web page. You should always optimize your post with certain SEO guidelines to get better search engine ranking. I suggest you to install Yoast SEO plugin to follow SEO guidelines without missing …

Make people stay 100% extra on your website: Complete Guide

Do you know? you have only a few seconds to impress visitor’s eye to scroll down your website. More the visitors is satisfied he stay longer on your website. Keeping the visitor engaged with your website is not a minor factor as you think. Google on its algorithm update has stated that the User Experience Signals such as Average Time on Site and Bounce Rate are a ranking signal now.

Are you ready to learn some stunning techniques to glue visitors on your website?

USE BUCKET BRIGADES (SECRET WORDS) TO INTERACT WITH VISITORS MIND Bucket Brigades are phrases that intend to keep people on your page. Specifically, they make the visitor what to keep reading. Here are some of them: What’s the real story?But wait there’s more,No doubt about itNo wonderFair enough? Whenever you think that you have gone so much technically with your blog, use a bucket brigade to open a gap of information to the visitor into the real world. KNOW WHO YOUR BLOG READERS ARE Are you writing your blogs for every human i…